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Open Mike Eagle | for booking:

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Open Mike Eagle is a co-author on this study. His contributions were deep, particularly in study design, analysis, and consultation. He was also the first MC to go into the fMRI machine and used this experience to help focus the experiment. His contributions were extremely valuable in making this project happen.


“One of LA’s smartest young voices” says the LA Times…which the artist suspects, may just be a covert way of saying LA is dumb. “Open” Mike Eagle wouldnt terribly mind, being born and raised in Chicago where the painful winters and his uppity grandparents kept him inside as a youth. He spent his formative years watching alternative music happen on MTV and hoping to one day be able to audition for the Native Tongues. As a young adult after graduating with a degree in Psychology, he did the next best thing and moved to Los Angeles, joining the Project Blowed collective where he made music and toured with Busdriver, Aceyalone, Abstract Rude, Nocando and more. He’s also gained notoriety in the world of comedy by being invited by professional funny people (Paul F. Tompkins, Hannibal Buress, Matt Besser/UCB) to rap at their shows. He’d like to be rap’s Kurt Vonnegut but recognizes that he’d first have to create something as iconic as the four-stroke illustration of an anus. He practices by releasing rap albums that delight, entertain, and confuse.

Ardamus | for booking:

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Ardamus- the MC who coordinated all the MCs in this project. Ardamus has been doin it in DC for a good minute now. He spent more time in the lab than any one of the MCs,

Without Ardamus, this project would have never happened.


Hailing from Nashville, TN and now residing in Washington, DC, Ardamus has been a hip hop artist for years that defies the norm. Starting out freestyling at school and church, Ardamus was known for being very unorthodox with his flow and witty punchline wordplay. Such a reputation led him to record his first EP “Life Is A Humbling Experience” and other projects like ARDAPLUS’s “A Fistfull Of Plutonium”, FAR EXP’s “Vol. 1: The Experiment”, Ardamus’s & C Royal’s “The Glass Is Half Full Of”, “Ardamus & Metaphysical’s “A Day In The Life Of Modern Day Living”, and his debut solo “When Nothing Goes Right”. Also known for his production and beatboxing skills, his talents have been ultilized in various capacities.

Kane Mayfield | for booking:

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Although Kane isn’t connected to the forward-thinking, backward-sounding NYC rap scene that’s varied enough to include both Action Bronson and Himanshu from Das Racist, he might as well be. All that’s stopping him, it seems, is the right publicist, because Rhymes By Kane: Thievery Corporation Edition, a mixtape from a self-aware throwback rapper riffing on post-racial hypocrisy over chilled-out beats, is as witty and inspired as any of this year’s more high-profile New York-not-New York rap releases. ~Spin Magazine 

RNL aka Euro-Ray aka Ray-du-soleil | for booking:

Twitter: @R_N_L | Facebook: search “Renell McEwan”


A Native Washingtonian born in 1979, RNL has been a musician sine the time he was born. In Elem. School thru Junior High School he was in Glee Club Choirs and Drum and Bass Clubs. He later Started Rapping in Junior High School to Today. He participated and have alliances with the following crews and organizations: Amphibians, South East Mobsters, Freestyle Union, The F.A.R. EXP, BlackBoxxOnline Music, THUG NERDZ, CCC, Midnight Greens, Live on the Low, Ill Street Grooves, BlackBroadway, AC/DC (amsterdam), TEK-NaLO- G, E.T.C.

The F.A.R. Exp | for booking:

Twitter: @thefarexp| Facebook:


DC’s Super HipHop Group involving the freestyle science members Fleetwood Deville, Flex Mathews, Ardamus, and RNL. Other member Redhead did not participate in the experiment.

ReemStarr | for booking:

Twitter: @reemstarrmuzik | Facebook:


ReemStarr Born Karim Karefa is a Washington DC/”DMV” Artist with Two Albums under his belt 2007s Street Talkin Vol.1 and 2010s Street Talkin Vol.1.5 he has performed consistently in the DMV Area since 2006 and has opened for the likes of Common, Lupe Fiasco and Jean Grae. Look for more works and projects from this up and coming artist!

Heron Gibran
Fleetwood DeVille
Bomani Armah
Night Train 357
Ellis D.
Flex Mathews
Mr. Clif

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